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women realize they are pregnant with the thought of keeping the baby

How Can I Be Sure I’m Pregnant?

Am I Pregnanat
The only sure way to confirm a viable intrauterine pregnancy (a living embryo in the womb) is to have an ultrasound. 
Here at H.O.P.E Clinic we offer you first a medical grade urine pregnancy test.
If this is positive, we will offer to schedule you for an ultrasound. 
The ultrasound will confirm the pregnancy and will accurately measure the age of the embryo.  Knowing the number of weeks you are pregnant is very important to your health no matter which pregnancy options you are considering. 
We can explain this more fully when you meet with a medical professional.
"All services are confidential and at no cost to you"
Ultrasound test

“How We Can Help”

We provide FREE and confidential services to women faced with an unexpected pregnancy.

Our FREE Services include:

Testing and Parenting Support
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Obstetrical Ultrasound
  • Life Skills and Parenting Classes
  • Unplanned Pregnancy-support and guidance
  • STD/STI Testing for men and women


  • Post-abortion stress support

  • Abortion education, covering the risks and types of procedures

  • Counseling on adoption options as an alternative to having an abortion

You may have more questions than answers, let us help you make an informed decision that is right for you and the baby. Contact Us
If you’re pregnant and considering abortion in Western Kentucky, contact H.O.P.E Clinic before you decide. You’ll find help here.
Our Locations
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What to Expect and Bring to Your Appointment

Our first priority at H.O.P.E. Clinic is to be a safe and non-judgmental place where you can feel free to ask questions and objectively weigh your options.
  • A friendly and caring staff is waiting to serve you.
  • Please bring a photo I.D. if you have one.
  • NO insurance card is needed.
  • You will meet with a caring staff member in a comfortable setting.
What to Expect
Hope Clinic Locations


Benton Address

1100 Olive Street

Benton, KY. 42025

Phone: (270) 527-4111


Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday

9 am -4 pm

Eddyville Address

260 E Commerce St,

Eddyville, KY. 


Phone: (270) 601-5075


Opening Hours

Tuesdy - Thursday

9 am-5 pm

Contact Us
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